The Tortoise Recovery

By: Raymond W. Stone, PhD
With the economy just passing the 58th month of recovery, the upturn is spot-on. To some, this means that we are  moving inexorably closer to the next recession. But  it’s possible that longevity just  means that we are getting better. Dr. Raymond W. Stone of Stone & McCarthy Research Associates explains why the upturn may resemble the tortoise  more than the hare, but the slower pace could translate into a longer life. 

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Surfing the SERPS

August 30, 2013

As mergers and acquisitions become a big part of the banking landscape, C-suite executives are challenged to better understand the compensation plans of all parties involved. Flynt Gallagher, president of Meyer-Chatfield Compensation Advisors, provides insight into the trends impacting compensation.

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August 29, 2013

In a recent Bank Director survey, 40% of bank boards identified retaining key employees as a significant challenge. In this article, Flynt Gallagher, president of Meyer-Chatfield Compensation Advisors discusses what banks can do to retain key employees.

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